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Lynmar + Associates have been building custom homes that fit our customers' needs. Over the past 40 years, our home building team has created and built custom homes for thousands of families across the country. If you haven't found your perfect home let us help you to begin your journey to designing, building and ultimately living in your dream home. Building a custom home does not have to cost as much or be as difficult as you might think. Let us help you get started.

As you build a custom home, the more you know about the process, the more enjoyable your experience is likely to be.  Remember to plan your space carefully to avoid the need to add on as your family changes.  Choose design features that will meet your needs for the long term.  Lynmar + Associates goal is to help you design a house that fits your individual requirements and needs. Don't know what a custom plan will cost?  We will provide a free quote based on your ideas, square footage and style of the home design concept that you provide.  The design process takes approximately 4 - 6 weeks once the commitment is made.

Building Designer's Services and Responsibilities:

Phase 1 Preliminary

Phase 1 of the preliminary design review will include basic drawings that establish the footprint and interior layout of the home. The footprint and layout need to be finalized by the client before moving to next phase.

Phase 2 Preliminary

Phase 2 of the preliminary design review, will entail the final footprint and layout as finalized in phase 1 and add the front and one side elevation drawings. The Client will be provided up to 3 drafts to get the final details of this phase completed.

Phase 3 Drafts

Upon finalization of phase 2, work will begin on preparing Draft 1 of the home. Draft 1 will include the full foundation, full elevations (all sides) and all interior designs. The Client will be provided up to 3 drafts in this phase in order to finalize the home plan. No changes to the plan can be made after this phase is completed.

Phase 4 Construction Documents

- Foundation plan (Not engineered to specific lot)
- Floor plans all levels
- Roof plan and standard details
- Elevations – front, rear and both sides
- Construction Details: cross sections and typical details
- Interior elevations and sections as needed
- Schedules: door and windows
- Electrical plan - residential type shown on floor plans. Electrical contractor shall calculate all loads.
- Framing plans will be extra if requested or required
- Engineering and Structural services will be extra if requested or required
- Plans sealed for permitting purposes will be extra if required

Client’s Responsibilities

1. Client shall furnish required information and full sketches. Sketches should contain detail information regarding the desires of the Client and their ideas on the layout.
2. Designer understands that the Client is presenting their own personal ideas for their new home and that they are not referencing any other designer's plan.
3. Client shall render approvals and decisions expeditiously for the orderly progress of the Building Designer’s work.
4. Client is responsible for ensuring house will fit on their lot.

Custom Build Homes in Kansas City Metro Area

Lynmar + Associates not only designs homes but is an experienced custom builder.
We have built custom homes in numerous states including; TN, OK, AR, MS, KS, MO, TX.
We currently build in the Kansas City Metro area and partnered with L/M Custom Homes.
We are a 2nd generation builder, with over 25 years' experience in residential building and custom designs.

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